Rare Recordings

by Slim Cessna

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Here are songs with some description.

1. Sunshine
This was recorded sometime in the 1980's on a tape recorder. Also playing is my brother, Whiff. One Christmas Whiff got a banjo and I got a mandolin. I never learned how to play the mandolin.

2. Dear Amelia
Recorded soon after my daughter Amelia was born in January, 1990. My friend Jeremy Wakefield was over and we woke up Amelia. We decided to make a song for her. We had a verse and chorus, but you will hear the rest of the song being made up during the recording.
This is a very simple minded song. I'm certain we had been drinking. Recorded in my living room on a tape recorder. The Auto Club recorded this a few years later for our first album.

3. Kristin and Billy
I recorded this with Whiff in 1990. We borrowed a 4 track so I could make a song for my friends, Kristin Hersh and her husband Billy. For some reason I used to think Nonnie's name was Hunny. A long time ago at the Bluebird Theatre, Nonny danced on stage with Jello Biafra while we played Kristin and Billy. The Auto Club recorded this a few years later for our first album.

4. Untitled
Recorded in Boston in 1989 or 1990 at my friend Wright Maney's practice space on Sue Vorenberg's 4 track recorder. Judy Winters is playing bass.

5. Uncle John's Boat
This song is a true story that happened on my Uncle John's Boat. We have tried to include this song on a few Auto Club records. It works very hard, but never finds a way. I have another band with Rebecca, Dwight and Munly called DBUK. Uncle John's Boat has become a DBUK song. Here is the original version recorded at Bob house many years ago. Notice, thanks to Bob, this one sounds very nice.

6. Things I Believe In
Here is another song that tries hard, but doesn't get very far. Recorded in my living room in Cranston Rhode Island a long time ago. Also a true story.


released April 19, 2017

Photo by Bill McConnell
Songs 2 through 6 by Slim Cessna
Song 1 by Jimmie Davis & Charles Mitchell


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Slim Cessna Denver, Colorado

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